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What We Do

More than 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives—and they prove it with their wallets. Each year, Americans spend $646 billion on outdoor recreation resulting in $80 billion in federal, state and local tax revenues. This spending drives highly sought-after jobs for 6.1 million people.

Economic Drivers

Outdoor recreation is a growing and diverse economic super sector that is a vital cornerstone of successful communities. Outdoor Industry Association is the leading trade association and voice of the outdoor recreation industry. To meet the growing and diverse needs of our industry, OIA sharpened its strategic focus to help members keep pace with the world around us. Please visit the corresponding pages for more details on our focus areas and see how you can get involved by becoming a member. See all of the benefits our members enjoy.

  • Consumer of the Future
  • Recreation of the Future
  • Business of the Future

Consumer of the Future provides greater understanding of the emerging outdoor consumer and how that consumer will impact our business models. With information and tools for retailers and manufacturers, we will better understand the consumer we have now as well as their evolution.

Segment Comparison Chart
Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 3.30.31 PMDo you want an easy view of how different types of outdoor consumers compare to one another? The OIA ConsumerVue Segment Comparison Chart gives members a side-by-side view that gives you the ability to compare and contrast the different segments by demographic, distinguishing characteristics, outdoor participation and purchasing behaviors.

outdoor_rec_tabRecreation of the Future offers greater understanding of how consumers are defining recreation as well as increased advocacy efforts for close-to-home recreation infrastructure and access in a more urbanized America.  With recognition of the urban movement, OIA must advocate for recreation that is more available to all, while not abandoning our support for backcountry access and participation.

Business of the Future focuses on ensuring supply chain resilience, protecting brand reputations, understanding and supporting the evolution of retail, reducing exposure and improving product quality.

CR_topline_cover_2Corporate Responsibility Topline Report
Together as an industry we are developing new practices that can fundamentally change the way we do business and make the world a better place to live, work a play. To learn more about our efforts, download the Topline Report.