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Government Affairs Policy Agenda

Download the 2016 OIA Policy Agenda here.

Outdoor Industry Association’s government affairs team works to represent the interests of the outdoor industry in Washington D.C. and communities across the country. We use OIA’s Outdoor Recreation Economy Report to inform policymakers and to promote the significant economic contribution made to our nation’s economy and the millions of jobs supported by our industry. We emphasize the tremendous economic and health benefits that are gained from investments in our industry – from ensuring funding for and access to public lands and waters, to business policies that promote the growth and success of the outdoor industry for future generations. We tell our industry’s story, that when you invest in the outdoor recreation industry, you invest in healthy communities and healthy economies.


Our natural environment, our land and water, is the backbone of the outdoor industry. OIA’s Recreation Policy Agenda works for improved access and funding for outdoor recreation on our national public lands and waters, whether they are close-to-home, community parks and trails, to our iconic national land and water that are ingrained in our national heritage. Through OIA’s government affairs work, we strive to ensure every American and visitors from around the world can enjoy America’s great outdoors.

All politics is local as the saying goes. Our Close to Home initiative is a cooperative effort with Outdoor Alliance, the Conservation Alliance, outdoor industry business leaders, conservation organizations and other industry stakeholders, to create and promote opportunities at the state and local level for communities to invest in outdoor places, industry businesses and in healthy and active lifestyles. The coalition will work to create strategic partnerships within local communities to provide support, tools and training to ensure funding for and access to close-to-home recreation and to support local outdoor recreation economies.

OIA’s trade program represents our diverse industry on U.S. international trade and business policy. From some of the biggest companies in the world, to family-owned businesses in local communities, from importers to U.S. manufacturers, OIA’s balanced approach to trade and business seeks to decrease costs for outdoor companies, support American innovation that drives the outdoor industry and ultimately make outdoor products more affordable for more people in the United States and around the world while ensuring that U.S. trade policy reflects the outdoor industry values of social and environmental responsibility.

American manufacturing is making a comeback. OIA supports outdoor companies who make their products in the United States or are bringing production back from overseas through our OIA Made in America program. Launched in 2009, OIA’s Made in America Working Group was formed to help bring outdoor manufacturers together, to learn from common challenges and opportunities and to respond to the outdated and ineffective all-or-nothing, free trade versus protectionist approach commonly taken in Washington D.C. Our goal is to help American outdoor brands gain access to new markets and compete on a level playing field in an increasingly global economy.

The outdoor industry is among the first to experience the impacts of global climate change. From unpredictable weather patterns that bring massive storms to one part of the country, while creating drought and devastating wildfires to another to shifts in seasons that make product management increasingly difficult, climate change is happening and is a direct threat to the outdoor industry.

The outdoor recreation industry, with companies founded on the values of environmental and social responsibility, is in a unique position to offer leadership on this important issue.

OIA will work with policymakers to develop a comprehensive response to climate change that reflects the severity of the situation and accounts for the interests of the outdoor recreation industry.

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