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Social Responsibility Toolkit


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This Social Responsibility Toolkit is being developed by the OIA Social Responsibility and Fair Labor Working Group -- a working group comprised of individuals from Outdoor Industry Association member companies, who identified 14 essential elements that comprise a robust Social Responsibility Program. 

The Toolkit is a guidebook with tools and resources ranging from basic to advanced that can be adapted to suit any company or supplier to create and continuously improve their Social Responsibility Program, with the ultimate goal of improving working conditions and labor rights in the Outdoor Industry’s supply chains.

The Toolkit is comprised of two documents:

  • The “Main” document, which is static, provides the background for each element and its relevance in a Social Responsibility Program.  It also outlines the implementation steps and options for incorporating that element into your program.
  • The “Tools and Resources Appendix” is a “live” document, which expands upon the implementation steps, providing links to websites, research papers, and example templates and documents provided by companies.

This is an open-source working document; if you have or know of additional tools and resources that can help improve the Toolkit, please contact the OIA with the information.


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