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Alone we can each do something. Together we can do anything. When we take a step back from our desks or cubicles or cash registers, we all gaze upon the same, shared vision: a strong and thriving recreation economy. When we bring our different perspectives together, we can collaborate to improve our industry and the places we play.

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John Sterling, Alex Boian & Adam Cramer

A Force
for public lands

John Sterling Executive Director,
The Conservation Alliance

Adam Cramer Executive Director,
Outdoor Alliance
Alex Boian VP of Government Affairs,
Outdoor Industry Association

Public lands are the backbone of the outdoor industry. John, Alex and Adam are working as a collective to keep that backbone intact. OIA, Outdoor Alliance and Conservation Alliance are pooling each of their organizations’ talents and power to influence policy, locally and nationally, and protect public lands for all. They've joined together to transform the beliefs of the outdoor industry into laws and actions that promote, protect and preserve what we love—the great outdoors.

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Close To Home: An Axis of Awesome
Amy Beck & Molly LaBounte


Amy Beck Mentor,
Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy
Molly LaBonte Graduate,
Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy,
Director of Sales, Timbuk2

As an up and comer at Timbuk2, Molly applied to be a Skip Yowell Future Leader for professional development, insight, advocacy education and most importantly, mentoring from industry sages like Amy.

Amy became a mentor not only to advise motivated outdoorists like Molly on their growth and career development, but to gain inspiration and new perspectives that fuels her work as an experienced executive.

Click here to learn more about the OIA Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy. Applications for the class of 2018 are now open.

Skip Yowell's Future Leaders: Hatching The Next Great Idea What will the future of the outdoor industry hold? That might be for these outdoor visionaries to decide.
Ashley Korenblat & Tom Adams


Ashley Korenblat CEO,
Western Spirit Cycling
Tom Adams Director,
Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation

While Tom works for the Utah government and Ashley owns a thriving bike guiding service in Moab, these two Utah-based outdoorsy, adventure-lovers have more in common than meets the eye. They’ve both held many different positions at outdoor companies and have ultimately chosen to make their careers in an industry they truly love.

Ashley and Tom have dedicated their time, voices and brain power to collaboratively advocate for the growth and promotion of the outdoor recreation economy in Utah, and the United States.

OIA Letter to Gov. Herbert endorsing Tom Adams for Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation
Casey Sheahan & Peter Metcalf


Casey Sheahan CEO,
Peter Metcalf Founder and Former President/CEO,
Black Diamond

Peter and Casey sit among a venerable circle of outdoor legends who helped create the industry we know and love today. As industry leaders, they saw the opportunity to help build OIA and instill a responsibility to be advocates for and stewards of public lands.

Peter and Casey continue to be examples of fighting for what’s right for our industry and the environment. We are forever grateful for their contribution to the industry we’ve all chosen to call home.

Listen to Casey and Peter talk about their personal and professional commitments to public lands.
Bears Ears Monument Designation Protects Iconic American Landscape Bears Ears region in southeast Utah is a win for cultural preservation and recreational opportunities.
Casey Sheahan & Kim Miller


Don Bushey Owner,
Wilderness Exchange Unlimited
Kim Miller CEO,

Kim and Don’s dedication to collaborating in business positively influences their relationship as manufacturer and retailer at Scarpa and Wilderness Exchange Unlimited. That widely accepted norm of community and collaboration is exactly why they got into the outdoor industry in the first place. Beyond the dollars and cents of business, their shared loved of the outdoor industry and the outdoors has turned into a years-long friendship punctuated by deals closed, ski days logged, road trips driven and climbing routes crushed.

Like a lot of us in the outdoor industry, Don and Kim have built a thriving relationship based on goodwill, good business and good outdoor fun.

Scarpa CEO Kim Miller Talks Telemarking and Tradeshows with OIA
Ella, Ella Emme, & Beaver Theodosakis


Ella, Ella and Emme 4th Graders
Beaver Theodosakis Founder,

4th graders Ella, Ella and Emme (dubbed the 3 E’s by their parents) love the outdoors. It’s a place for them to grow up, grow strong and grow knowledgeable, whether they're climbing, skiing, hiking or rafting. As an outdoor industry founder, Beaver knows the value of a life full of outdoor experiences and wonder. That’s why he is an Outdoor Foundation board member and supports programs to give every kid a special outdoor experience.

Follow the link below to learn more about the Outdoor Foundation and how to get more mini-outdoorists in the outdoors!

Outdoor Foundation
Gareth Martins & Lisa Pike Sheehy


Gareth Martins Director of Marketing,
Outdoor Industry Association
Lisa Pike Sheehy VP of Environmental Activism,

Some of us may have our differences. But when we act, advocate and protect together, we are stronger. This is a sentiment Gareth and Lisa have been putting into practice throughout their careers. They have a pretty impressive laundry list of achievements from serving on organization boards aimed at conquering climate change to taking a trip to the artic in the name of conservation and preservation. Their main goal in all the work they do? Protecting our most beloved outdoor playground for their kids and all future generations.

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Are Your Public Lands Being Stolen Behind Your Back?
Jill Dumain, Thomas Chui & David Labistour


Jill Dumain CEO,

David Labistour CEO,

Together, Thomas, Jill and David work to ensure the textile supply chain is clean, from end to end. Everest Textile, bluesign and MEC are each a link in the sustainability chain, doing their part to ensure people and the environment are treated right in the making of outdoor apparel.

MEC is also a big fan of tracking product sustainability with the Higg Index. They’re encouraging all their vendors to join them in committing to using the tool to track the sustainability of products.

Higg Index Adoption: Take it One Hoof at a Time with Higgins If you've registered for a account but still aren't sure how to get started with the Higg Index, use this step-by-step guide to embark on your journey.
José González & James Edward Mills


José González Founder,
Latino Outdoors
James Edward Mills Freelance
Journalist & Media Producer

Research shows that getting outside creates endless positive ripples in a person’s life and in their community. Whether it's increased creativity, better physical state, improved mental health or just plain old fun, the benefits of getting yourself outside and moving, are undeniable. For those reasons, José and James are working to make sure that everyone, no matter their race or socioeconomic status, has the opportunity to have an outdoor adventure.

Their goal is to have the demographics of the outdoor recreation community reflect the demographics that make up the American population.

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Nicole Bassett, Gordon Seabury & Jeff Denby


Nicole Bassett CoFounder,
The Renewal Workshop

Jeff Denby CoFounder,
The Renewal Workshop
Gordon Seabury CEO,

Jeff, Nicole and Gordon believe in a sustainable supply chain, from beginning to end. That’s why Toad&Co was one of the first manufacturers to partner with The Renewal Workshop to give their damaged apparel a second life. The Renewal Workshop takes unsellable clothing from manufacturers, works their fix-it magic then sells it to the consumer – keeping countless pounds of waste out of landfills. Their collaboration has created a different kind of apparel brand that's on a sustainability mission.

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Outdoor Industry Association Announces Member Benefits to Support Sustainable Business Innovation
Rue Mapp & Jerry Stritzke


Rue Mapp Founder & CEO,
Outdoor Afro
Jerry Stritzke CEO,

Jerry understands that there’s more to REI than the number of backpacks sold each year. For him, growth also means getting more people outside by engaging diverse communities in the outdoor lifestyle we've all come to love. That’s why REI has partnered with Rue and OutdoorAfro to engage more people of color— now and in the future. Rue and Jerry believe that the growth of the outdoor industry is tied to the inclusion of all people and communities.

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Social Bite: Using Facebook To Launch A Cause Sometimes you create a Facebook page to support and grow your business. And sometimes you create a business to support and grow your Facebook group.
Craig 'Smitty' Smith & Peter Duke


Craig "Smitty" Smith Business Development Manager,
PGG Wrightson Wool
Peter Duke Founder & CEO,
Point6 Socks

Smitty and Peter collaborate to make sure animals, people and the environment are treated right throughout the wool supply chain, all while questing to make the perfect performance wool sock. Through their partnership, Peter and Smitty are committed to complete supply chain transparency, which they believe makes a better quality product and better working conditions for everyone involved in the making of Point6 socks.

Animal Welfare
Stacy Bare & Peter Duke


Stacy Bare Sierra Club Outdoors / U.S. Army Veteran
Kevin Rosenberg Founder,
Gear To Go Outfitters / U.S. Navy Veteran

The outdoors can save your life, literally. After getting out of the military, and struggling to find direction, Kevin and Stacy used the outdoors as their compass. Kevin started Gear To Go Outfitters in New York, aimed at getting anyone and every outside, while Stacy became head honcho of Sierra Club Outdoors. Their goal of getting outside was self-preservation, but the result is a new found purpose helping save veterans, and anyone else, the same way they saved themselves &emdash; by getting outside.

The Best Employees You’re Not Hiring If leadership, teamwork and global perspective are characteristics you value in your team members, you should have more military vets on your payroll.
Steve Barker & Sally McCoy


Steve Barker Founder,
Eagle Creek, Outdoor Foundation board member
Sally McCoy Former CEO,
Camelbak, Outdoor Foundation board member

Steve and Sally sit among a venerable circle of outdoor legends who helped create the industry we know and love today. As leaders, they saw the opportunity to help build OIA to drive influence in Washington D.C. policy on issues like outdoor recreation that greatly impact our future. Their early work gave us a seat at the table and the opportunity to advocate for our industry today. We are forever grateful for their past work and the work they continue to do as Outdoor Foundation board members.

Together We Are A Force
Tsedo Sherpa-Ednalino, Conrad Anker & Pema Chamatsang-Sherpa


Tsedo Sherpa-Ednalino Chief Operating Officer,
Sherpa Adventure Gear

Pema Chamatsang-Sherpa Category Manager,
Sherpa Adventure Gear
Conrad Anker Professional Climber,
Captain of The North Face Athlete Team

Conrad Anker works to support Nepal and its people through projects like the Khumbu Climbing School. When Tsedo and Pema took the reigns of Sherpa Adventure Gear from their father, Tashi, they brought long-term vision to one of the most unique brands in the industry and continued one of the company’s long-standing goals: support for Nepal and the betterment of its people.

Through collaborative and parallel efforts like the ones Conrad, Pema and Tsedo are making, our future is one in which outdoor business benefits all people and all the planet.

Conrad Anker: The Way I See It
Valerie Presolly & Vik Sahney


Valerie Presolly Director of Sustainable Business Innovation,
Vik Sahney Divisional VP of Sustainability,

Vik leads REI’s sustainability efforts. Valerie does the same thing up north at MEC. What else do they have in common? They are both members of the OIA Sustainability Working Group, a collective of sustainability experts bouncing ideas off each other to better sustainable practices for the industry as a whole. They also utilize the Higg Index to measure product sustainability, and they're encouraging all vendor partners to do the same (read more about that process below).

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REI and MEC Are Sharing Their Supply Chain Scores, But There’s a Catch North America’s biggest specialty outdoor retailers are pulling back the curtain on their internal sustainability efforts—but only for those who return the favor.
Amy Roberts and Rich Hill

A Force
for the Outdoor Industry

Amy Roberts Executive Director,
Outdoor Industry Association
Rich Hill President,
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

Together, Amy and Rich represent outdoor industry collaboration at it’s core. Although their membership bases overlap and seem, in certain instances, to have competing interests, the two organizations collaborate to ensure that all retailers — large and small — have a seat at the tradeshow table. Specialty retail is a vital aspect of the outdoor industry, and Amy and Rich are fighting to maintain the balance between traditional brick-and-mortar shops, flagship chain stores and online retailers. In response to the industry’s changing landscape, Outdoor Industry Association, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and Outdoor Retailer collaborated on a date change and colocation agreement for the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in order to better align with shifting buying cycles. Amy and Rich strongly believe that our industry is built and dependent upon the continued collaboration among brands, suppliers and retailers, and they’re leading efforts to keep everyone at the table.

5 Minutes with… Amy Roberts Amy Roberts talks about OIA’s initiatives in 2016 and moving into 2017
View from the Top With OIA Executive Director Amy Roberts
Jessica Wahl and Cedar Wright

A Force
for Policy

Jessica Wahl Recreation Policy Director,
Outdoor Industry Association
Cedar Wright Professional Rock Climber and Filmmaker,
The North Face Ambassador

Cedar Wright works to inspire people. Jessica Wahl works to influence them. Their efforts in the outdoor industry manifest in different ways, but both have dedicated their careers to promoting and protecting the outdoor places we play. Although their professional paths don’t intersect often, neither would be as successful without the other. You’ve seen Cedar’s work. Whether on Instagram, at a mountain film festival or in the pages of Climbing Magazine, images of and by the athlete have inspired thousands of outdoorists to explore America’s iconic public lands. He has put a spotlight on the sport of climbing and on the precious places where climbing happens, from Yosemite to Alaska. You’ve also seen Jess’s work, with the reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the recent passage of the REC Act, two initiatives Jess helped to influence. As a policy wonk and tireless outdoor advocate, Jess is our industry’s silent soldier, working to protect the public lands where Cedar and other outdoorists play. When one of Cedar’s routes is threatened by attempts to transfer federal lands to state control or when access to public land is denied due to government shutdown or when insufficient funding leads to the spread of wildfire in a National Forest, Jess hits the halls of Congress to convince lawmakers to set things right.

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Public Lands: We Can’t Cash Out We must lean in.
Cam Brensinger and Bryan Martin

A Force
for Participation

Cam Brensinger Founder and CEO,
NEMO Equipment
Bryan Martin Executive Director,
Big City Mountaineers

The mission of Big City Mountaineers is to inspire the next generation of outdoorists — especially those in urban, underserved communities. NEMO Equipment’s mission is to outfit them. A natural collaboration, their partnership developed as organically as any in this industry. When Brensinger learned about Martin’s program, he didn’t waste a second committing piles of gear — tents and sleeping bags — to the BCM gear library. This collaboration of an outdoor nonprofit and an outdoor product brand is an example of how, collectively, individual companies — for profit and nonprofit — can join forces to achieve shared goals. In this case, youth participation.

Valerie Bone and Scott Allen

A Force
for Sustainability

Valerie Bone Director of Corporate Responsibility,
Scott Allen General Manager,

Though PMI/Stanley’s and Hydroflask’s products compete for market share and shelf space in many outdoor retail shops, the brands are unwavering allies in the battle against single-use vessels. In fact, if you ask Valerie and Scott, their brands’ sustainability ethos are as important as profit margins. As leaders in the industry and at their respective companies, Valerie and Scott are passionate about sustainability and share the conviction that our industry must prioritize supply chain and consumer responsibility. They are leading the outdoor industry by example, proving that a brand can be founded upon a mission of sustainability and succeed.

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Jenn Dice and Clint Wall

A Force
for Policy

Jenn Dice Vice President of Business Network,
Clint Wall Global Make-to-Order
Business Manager, Pearl Izumi

H.G. Wells famously said: “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” It’s true there is something inherently hopeful about the simple machine. And yet at $81 billion a year and 770,000 jobs, the cycling industry is a complex network of stakeholders. And that network, when organized toward a common mission, is a powerful lever that can influence everything from mental health to public health, from urban design to traffic congestion, from carbon emissions to crime reduction. Jenn Dice and PeopleForBikes are dedicated to protecting, growing and improving bike infrastructure. The best way to do that, she says, is to “lead with the voice of business.” Enter Pearl Izumi, a brand that is dedicated to getting more people on bikes. Partners since 2002, Pearl Izumi and PeopleForBikes lobby tirelessly at the federal, state and local level for bike policy to ensure that everyone can access the simple but powerful experience of pedaling two wheels.

Infographic: Cycling Discover the unique traits of cyclists.
Jennifer Nolfi and Alex Baires

A Force
for Participation

Jennifer Nolfi Director of Athletic &
Outdoor Industry Program at
Portland State University
Alex Baires Category Manager,
Soft Coolers at Yeti,
Skip Yowell Future Leadership
Academy Alum

If you want to read a case study about meteoric rise in a consumer product category, check out Yeti Coolers. The brand’s growth — 748 percent in the past three years — is practically unheard of. So it’s certainly no wonder that the manager of its soft-sided coolers category has made a name for himself in the outdoor industry. As a graduate of the first Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy class, Alex Baires represents the next generation of torchbearers in the outdoor industry. He is passionate about furthering his education as a leader and using that to get more kids of all backgrounds outside. Jennifer Nolfi works at Portland State University on programs that encourage college-age young adults to experience and fall in love with the outdoors during a time when they’re forming habits and interests that will carry on into adulthood. In fact, through her work, Jennifer is showing students that the outdoors can be more than a lifelong hobby, they can be the foundation of a fulfilling “dream career.” Together, Alex and Jennifer are a force for the future of the outdoor industry.

Click here to learn more about the OIA Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy. Applications for the class of 2018 are now open.

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Hatching the Next Great Idea What will the future hold?
Ali Kenney and Larry Harrison

A Force
for the Future

Ali Kenney Senior Director Global Supply Chain
and Sustainability, Burton Snowboards
Larry Harrison Brand Development Director,
Outdoor Retailer

If we had a nickel for every time Ali Kenney’s name came up in conversation around the OIA office, we’d be well on our way to matching the impressive financial impact she’s made on Burton’s bottom line. Ali has not only saved Burton hundreds of thousands of dollars with her innovative and forward thinking supply chain work, she has earned a reputation in the industry as a sustainability change maker. As a Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy graduate, Ali is carrying on a legacy that started with industry veterans like Larry Harrison. Larry’s zeal and enthusiasm helped make our industry what it is today. As a sales rep, an executive at Adidas and now as the brand development director for the Outdoor Retailer trade show, Larry’s vision helped establish our industry’s values, which Ali is carrying forward. Thanks to these two and those among us like them, our future looks bright.

Click here to learn more about the OIA Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy. Applications for the class of 2018 are now open.

Honor Thy Dirtbag Soul We champion play above all else.
Luis Benitez and Annelise Loevlie

A Force
for Policy

Luis Benitez Director, Colorado Outdoor
Recreation Industry Office
Annelise Loevlie CEO,
Icelantic Skis

A mountaineer and climbing guide who has summited the world’s most formidable peaks, Luis Benitez might wind up being known as much for his pioneering role as Colorado’s first Director of Outdoor Recreation Industry as for his impressive alpine ascents. Since 2015, Benitez has been racking up local, state and national headlines for, finally and in earnest, getting outdoor recreation businesses a seat at the policy table in Colorado. One of those businesses is Icelantic Skis, a Colorado-born and -raised gear company under the intrepid leadership of Annelise Loevlie. Despite Icelantic’s rise in the market and the tendency for competing companies to move production overseas, Annelise is committed to keeping jobs in Colorado. One of 22 advisors on Luis’s OREC council, Annelise is helping to form a collective voice and collaborative vision for Colorado’s outdoor recreation economy. Together, Luis and Annelise represent the power of joint action between local business and state government to affect and grow an industry and state economy in tandem.

#MOS with Luis This is #MyOutdoorStory. What's Yours?
A Rising Tide for the Outdoor Industry Growth for the industry
Daniel Uretsky and Peter Haney

A Force
for Sustainability

Daniel Uretsky President,
Allied Feather and Down
Peter Haney Senior Manager of Corporate
Responsibility, Columbia

Writing a sustainability statement is easy. Committing to and nurturing it are more difficult, but that hasn’t stopped Peter Haney and Columbia from making sustainability one of the brand’s top priorities. Columbia’s size is, at once, an asset and a challenge. On one hand, when you’re as big as Columbia, well-executed sustainability measures can have deep impact at the corporate, industry and consumer level. On the other hand, scaling sustainability efforts across such a vast and complex supply chain is a monumental undertaking. It depends on synergy and cooperation from facilities and suppliers who are all committed to the same goals. Enter Daniel and Allied, who are recognized as one of the world’s most responsible down producers. A vetted and trusted ingredient supplier for Columbia, Allied is influencing other down suppliers with its responsible approach to sourcing and treating down. Through their joint participation in OIA’s Sustainability Working Group and their business relationship, Columbia and Allied Feather and Down represent our industry’s leadership in global manufacturing.

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David Leinweber and John Hickenlooper

A Force
for Policy

David Leinweber Owner,
Angler’s Covey
John Hickenlooper Governor,
State of Colorado

We call local specialty retailers the hubs of the outdoor industry. They are often consumers’ first point of contact with and gateway to outdoor products, services and playgrounds. These retailers do more than sell stuff, they convene and educate outdoorists through community programming and advocacy, whether in small towns or big cities. They often help define the community’s outdoor sensibilities and, well, they speak for the trees and trails and rivers and mountains nearby. They also support a growing segment of the economy in their town, city and state. David Leinweber is just such a retailer, and his Angler’s Covey is a legacy shop that has long supported his town’s outdoor recreation economy. That is why Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper — himself an outdoorist — has partnered with David and other local outdoor businesspeople throughout the state to write and influence recreation and trade policy that’s good for business and good for Colorado.

How Do You Advocate for Outdoor Recreation? This is #MyOutdoorStory. What's Yours?
Dave Petri and Jennifer McLaren

A Force
for Sustainability

Dave Petri VP of Marketing,
Farm to Feet
Jennifer McLaren CFO,

Although their businesses compete for market share, Dave and Jennifer have committed themselves and their respective companies to seeking industry-wide adoption of a single, standardized tool for measuring and creating sustainability throughout the supply chain — from raw materials sourcing to manufacturing, shipping and end-of-life. Farm to Feet and Smartwool are members of OIA’s Sustainability Working Group, and both brands are among the early adopters and proponents of the Higg Index tool, established by the industry for the industry. Together they exemplify what can happen when brands put aside their competitive interests and, instead, focus on pulling an entire product category — and by extension — an industry, toward more responsibly manufacturing and distribution practices.

#MOS with Dave Petri This is #MyOutdoorStory. What's Yours?
One Sock Brand’s Locavore Leanings From farm to feet.
Matt Feeney and Chris Warner

A Force
for Participation

Matt Feeney Co-founder and Director
of Advancement, Adaptive Adventures
Chris Warner Founder and CEO,
Earth Treks Climbing and Fitness

Although finished manufactured goods are a big part of the outdoor industry, it’s 1.) our experiences and 2.) our partners who define our outdoorist identities. Adaptive Adventures and Earth Treks deal in those intangibles. Both Matt and Chris share a deep love for recreation and what it can do, mentally and physically, for those who participate. Matt co-founded Adaptive Adventures to ensure that everyone with a desire to get outside has an opportunity to do so and a community to share in those experiences. As a sponsor of Adaptive Adventures, Earth Treks funds outdoor experiences for adaptive athletes, ensuring there are never physical barriers to exploration.

Building Better Leaders Chris Warner’s secrets of success

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Sustainable manufacturing equipment


Sustainable business is the business of asking, “how can we do this better?” We are proud to promote the welfare of people, animals and resources involved in manufacturing outdoor products, from raw materials to end of life. We don’t have all the answers, and we’re not shying away from asking the questions.

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From recreation access to balanced trade, the issues that affect our businesses and our customers are constantly on the dockets of local, state and federal state houses. Outdoor Industry Association educates and lobbies lawmakers to pass sound policies that support our industry’s growth and viability.

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We come from different backgrounds; work in different, sometimes competing, channels of the industry and find different ways to play outside. But we are all outdoorists, and we are committed to growing the outdoorist collective. By working together to expand outdoor access and opportunities, we can ensure a vibrant outdoorist community for generations to come.

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