Social Responsibility

The outdoor industry strives to advance social responsibility awareness, standards, innovation and practices in the outdoor industry value chain, from concept to consumer, through education and engagement, development and promotion of best practices, and measuring and reporting effectiveness of action.

Collaboratively developed fair labor tools, educational programs, and training will improve operational efficiencies, ensure regulatory compliance, promote responsible sourcing, and better inform purchasing decisions across the industry.

What is Social Responsibility in the outdoor industry?

Through the ongoing efforts of our Responsible Sourcing Working Group, we work to: develop common fair labor, health and safety code elements to be used within the outdoor industry’s shared global supply chains; provide educational programming and guidance on how to start a social responsibility program; and provide input into the development of the social/fair labor indicators for the apparel, footwear and equipment indexes, in conjunction with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

How do you navigate social responsibility?

Join the Responsible Sourcing Working Group and stay up to speed on emerging issues, industry conversations, and educational and training resources. If you’re just getting started, adopt the OIA Code of Conduct as a first step. Then review the Social Responsibility Toolkit, guidebook with tools and resources ranging from basic to advanced that can be adapted to suit any company or supplier to create and continuously improve their Social Responsibility Program.