Animal Welfare

The outdoor industry uses a balanced portfolio of both natural and synthetic fibers that include animal byproducts such as down, wool and leather. We are committed to supporting the development of standards that work to ensure the welfare of animals, leveraging our presence in the down, wool, and leather supply chains.

What is animal welfare in the outdoor industry?

Through both individual brand and supplier efforts as well as the collaborative work of our Animal Welfare Task Forces, the outdoor industry has been involved in the development of animal welfare standards around down and wool to help ensure all animals in our supply chains are treated humanely.

How do you navigate animal welfare?

Whether you’re just getting started or have been working on animal welfare for awhile, the Animal Welfare Task Force is a good place to stay up to speed on emerging issues, industry conversations, the development of new standards, and educational and training opportunities. Start by reviewing the Animal Welfare Code of Conduct and then see below for material-specific standards.