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Live Date: July 25, 2023 at 10 am MT

Consumer interest in supporting environmentally conscientious products continues to influence purchasing decisions and, with it, brands’ product development and marketing strategies. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Green Guides provide information to brands and retailers on avoiding unfair or deceptive environmental-related marketing claims. As the number of claims has been increasing on more types of products, concerns about consumer fraud have also grown.

The FTC issued record million-dollar penalties against some major retailers for deceptive environmental claims in 2022 and began an overall public review process of the Green Guides late last year.  The claims  being assessed include those that related to: Carbon Offsets and Climate Change, Compostable, Degradable, Ozone Safe / Ozone Friendly, Recyclable, Recycled Content, Energy Use / Energy Efficiency, Organic, Sustainable and Regenerative. As part of its ongoing review, FTC held a workshop on “recyclable” claims on May 23.

Experts Allie Sauers, associate, international trade at Sorini, Samet & Associates, Akshay Sinha, senior advisor, global policy development and Asia-Pacific affairs at Sorini, Samet & Associates, and Maria Celis, Of Counsel at Neville Peterson LLP and General Counsel at JO Cosmetics will provide background on the current Green Guides, the FTC’s objectives in the review underway and scope for public comment, and the likelihood of revisions and rulemaking.  The webinar will also look at developments at the State level and related developments in the European Union. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of the current Green Guides landscape and how it could impact their brand strategy.

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