Electrifying the Textile Industry Feasibility (ETIF) Study From the Climate Action Corps

March 30, 2022

OIA and five of its Climate Action Corps members –Patagonia, Burton, New Balance, REI, and W.L. Gore – are excited to initiate an Electrifying Textile Industry Feasibility Study to help bring to light opportunities for decarbonizing the apparel and textile sector. Through a partnership with energy and environmental consulting firm Global Efficiency Intelligence, we will gain critical insights into reducing emissions in the outdoor industry’s supply chain by shifting from carbon-intensive fossil fuels to low-or zero-carbon electricity for thermal processes, such as heating water for dyeing fabric and generating steam in textile mills. The research will focus on Tier 2 supplier facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Jiangsu province in China, but will be applicable to other geographies.

Tier 2 textile facilities represent an estimated 45% of total supply chain emissions and are often the largest source of a brand’s greenhouse gas emissions. Research into electrifying Tier 2 facilities will enable brands and suppliers to identify and evaluate actionable solutions based on cost, funding mechanisms, technological suitability, knowledge, and expertise required, as well as any policy action needed to implement these solutions. Such research is essential for brands seeking to reduce their emissions and for members of OIA’s Climate Action Corps in meeting their goal of climate positive by 2030.

GEI will conduct a number of stakeholder engagement activities, empowering a variety of stakeholder groups to adopt clean heat processes. The goal of this stakeholder engagement is to help transform the textile industry by adopting technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Engagement activities include hosting webinars with stakeholders in each research country and globally, communicating findings to textile equipment manufacturers, publishing fact sheets for each research country, and conducting outreach through advertisements on professional online platforms. Final research results will also be shared with OIA’s Climate Action Corps and published on GEI’s website in 2022.

If you’re interested in learning how to participate, please contact our team.

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