Market & Consumer Insights

The outdoor industry, like many others, is in the midst of great change as both the business landscape and consumer lifestyles and behaviors continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In support of our industry and to ensure a vibrant future for outdoor, OIA is committed to helping its members understand today’s market and consumer realities, stay out in front of challenges, and identify opportunities to adapt in this new business climate.

OIA’s Market & Consumer Insights team conducts research, identifies emerging trends and develops business tools and educational resources on the outdoor market, outdoor consumers and outdoor recreation. These efforts support our member businesses by helping to inform their strategic planning, marketing, sales, product and innovation efforts.

consumervue segment chart OIA ConsumerVue

Built on findings from Outdoor Industry Association’s 2014 outdoor consumer segmentation study, OIA ConsumerVue is an interactive research tool that brings the unique segments of outdoor consumers to life, helps you identify which are most relevant to your business and provides guidelines for applying these insights to business opportunities.

Social Media Listening

  • Social Media Listening Reports: provide a look into emerging consumer topics and trends of relevance for the outdoor industry.
  • Social Buzz™ Emails: Get insight into consumer conservations online with OIA’s Social Buzz email. Published every two weeks, Social Buzz captures the latest consumer insights revealed through conversation in social media and deliver them straight to your inbox.

Insights Newsletter

Learn about the latest trends and insights impacting outdoor industry businesses and their customers.

Emailed once a month, the Market & Consumer Insights email newsletter recaps key information and key findings in outdoor as well as other industries, all in one convenient digest. The Insights newsletter includes summaries of featured social insights and trends, case studies highlighting innovation in outdoor and other industries, monthly retail sales update, and status on current OIA Insights projects and events. See past issues below.

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