Day 2 Lunch Session: Thriving Planet
Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Noon– 1 pm MDT

Emission Reductions or Policy Revisions: Which Is The Outdoor Industry’s Best Opportunity For Climate Impact?

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Climate change was the biggest crisis facing humankind before the coronavirus and it will be even bigger after the pandemic. But given our shrinking window of opportunity to halt and reverse rising global temperatures and our finite resources (human, financial, collective will), is it more important for individuals and business to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions, or to advocate for meaningful progress on climate policy? Given the outdoor industry’s proximity to climate change impacts — severe weather events, shifting consumer expectations and supply chain risks, as well as our uniquely credible and authentic commitment to building back better, where should we concentrate our collective impact? Join us as we explore that question in a lively session that seeks to unpack the complexities of the action versus advocacy debate, and offers practical opportunities to get engaged in both.

Listen: Audio Outdoorist Campfire Conversation: Climate Action After a Pandemic Recently, Jessie Curry, OIA’s sustainable business manager, called up four members of the OIA Climate Action Corps, and she posed this questions: Can companies in the outdoor industry afford to lean into climate action in the midst and immediate aftermath of a pandemic? Listen in as they chat candidly about their respective companies’ approaches to climate and sustainability work. Throughout their conversation, you’ll hear four recurrent themes: risk, resiliency, equity and recovery.