The Wildfire Disaster Funding Act: A Smart Solution

Tell your Congressional representatives: Stop fire borrowing

By Jessica Wahl October 11, 2017

Urge your representatives in Congress to support the passage of WDFA by the end of the year. Contact them now.

More Wildfires, Not Enough Funding, Diverted Dollars

The 2017 wildfire season has been the most expensive on record, with more than $2 billion in suppression costs. This year alone, over 8.4 million acres have burned across the country, resulting in the United States Forest Service (USFS) borrowing over $600 million from non-related wildfire accounts.

With the 10-year average cost of wildfires climbing by $100 million a year, fighting these fires currently takes up half of the USFS budget and is projected to encompass two-thirds of the USFS budget within four years. As fires become more intense, last longer, and are closer to where people live, they are driving an unsustainable increase in firefighting costs. These costs regularly exceed what Congress has set aside for fighting fires, resulting in borrowing from other public lands and recreation accounts, ultimately chipping away at funds that keep our land and water healthy and accessible.

It’s time we properly funded wildfire suppression.

Support this Smart Solution

The Wildfire Disaster Funding Act (WDFA) (H.R. 2862; S.1842) is a comprehensive, bipartisan and bicameral solution in Congress that will stop fire borrowing and is supported by over 200 organizations. WDFA is important to recreation businesses and outdoorists of all stripes. Passage of the bill would leave federally appropriated dollars where they were intended—and funds for work on recreation projects, trails, programming, access and infrastructure would no longer be stripped to fight fires.

Use the OIA Advocacy Center to ask your representatives in Congress to support the passage of WDFA by the end of the year.