Webinar: Climate Action – Ambition, Collaboration and Practical Steps To Guide Our Industry’s Path to Climate Positive

Jan 6, 2021



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The launch of the Climate Action Corps one year ago kicked off our industry’s bold and collaborative mission toward climate positive by 2050 or sooner, and is now nearly 100 companies strong. The climb to “climate positive” is an adventure like no other, the next decade of which is critical. Outdoor companies who excel in this race to the top will be rewarded by customers, employees, consumers and investors. Those who don’t will lose out. But what does “climate positive” even mean? How can we get there? This session will open with a powerful call to action for why and how the outdoor industry can (and must) lead by example despite volatile times from business strategy expert and sustainability guru Andrew Winston, followed by practical, achievable steps you can take in your day-to-day outdoor business to transform the status-quo by reducing what you emit, removing even more, and advocating for policies that matter most.

Keynote: The Big Pivot – Sustainability and Climate Action in Volatile Times, Andrew Winston, a globally-recognized expert on building resilient, profitable companies that help the world thrive.

Additional Speakers:

Reduce: Tackle the major sources of emissions in a bottle, a boot and a snowboard (Michael Sadowski, independent advisor to OIA’s Climate Action Corps)

Remove: Two outdoor companies’ approaches to carbon removal (Mike Gass, Timberland, and Matt Thurston, REI)

Advocate: Why the unique voice of the outdoor industry business community matters (Katherine Hamilton energy policy guru and thought leader, co-host of The Energy Gang podcast).

Moderator: Amy Horton, Outdoor Industry Association