Tell Secretary Zinke That You Stand With 350+ Businesses

Join 350+ outdoor businesses to oppose changes to America's National Monuments.

By Amanda Markert August 16, 2017

There are exactly seven days left to influence Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendations for the 27 National Monuments currently under review by the Department of Interior. In the days leading up to August 24, when Secretary Zinke’s recommendations are due to President Trump, it is crucial that our industry join together as a unified voice to insist that he leave America’s National Monuments as they are. Below are some messages and images you can use to tell Secretary Zinke that the outdoor industry stands together for our National Monuments.

#KeepPublicLandsPublic, #NationalMonuments

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Letter to Zinke

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As a member of the outdoor business community, [insert company name] stands with 350+ outdoor companies opposing changes to our National Monuments. The experiences we have on our shared public lands and waters, National Parks and Monuments can’t be exported or commoditized. They’re a national competitive advantage that create and maintain jobs in our industry and beyond. Read the letter addressed to Secretary Ryan Zinke from 350 Outdoor Industry Association executives, and voice your support to #KeepPublicLandsPublic.

We stand w/ 350+ outdoor businesses opposing changes to #NationalMonuments that support jobs & local economies

We stand 350+ strong with the outdoor business community telling @interior to protect our #NationalMonuments

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