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House Punts Transportation Bill, LWCF Provision

Despite a recent win in the Senate, the federal transportation bill has stalled in the House, and  with it, potential funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). A 90-day stopgap extension will delay a decision on the bill until June 30. As a result, Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) is stepping up efforts to promote recreation-system funding with lawmakers.

The Senate bill, which passed earlier this month with bi-partisan support, includes provisions to extend authorization for the LWCF to 2022, and allocates $1.4 billion for the fund over the next two years. The House version omits LWCF and other recreation-system funding. Fortunately there are not enough votes to pass it.

It has been nearly two and a half years since Congress passed a long-term transportation bill. With last week’s extension, the House has three more months to develop a long-term bill and agree on it with the Senate.

OIA worked closely with the Senate to preserve LWCF funding. We are disappointed that the House is reluctant to include this provision. At the Capitol Summit— OIA’s annual industry lobbying effort, which takes place April 17-18 this year — OIA and outdoor industry executives will make the case for why House representatives should support a transportation bill that includes LWCF funding.