Audio Outdoorist, Episode 6 Specialty Retail Community Engagement

Think your business is threatened by e-commerce? Find out what you can do that online retailers can't.

By Ben Schenck May 24, 2016

This is the first episode in our Specialty Retail Series, in which we’re talking to shop owners and other retail experts about everything from marketing to HR to liability insurance. The information, insights and best practices shared here will help speciality brick-and-mortar merchants in and outside the outdoor industry navigate an increasingly challenging retail landscape.

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Community Engagement

Outdoor specialty retailers are very unique among retail operations because they do so much more than sell products. They offer education and community events, they support recreational programs at local schools and parks, they often interface with local government on issues related to outdoor recreation, and they are general hubs of engagement for outdoorists in a town/city. Community engagement is a huge part of developing a strong reputation and loyal customer base. This episode focuses on best practices for: Creating unique and impactful community events/programs Partnering with brands/suppliers on in-store or local promotions and events Local advocacy—how retail shops can lead efforts to promote recreation and conversation. Why is it important for shops to be the voice of these efforts in a community? Show guests Darren Bush, Owner and Chief Paddling Evangelist at Rutabaga Paddlesports John Mead, Owner and President of Adventure 16 Deek Heykamp, Owner of Next Adventure

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