Recreation Advisory Council

Recreation ADvisory Council

OIA Recreation Advisory Council

The Outdoor Industry Association Recreation Advisory Council (OIARAC) is an advisory board that provides guidance to OIA on various recreation-related policy issues, such as:

  • The industry’s engagement on the Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
  • Public land funding initiatives
  • Protection of our public lands for recreation use
  • New public land designations
  • Ensuring access to outdoor recreation for the next generation

OIARAC supports development and implementation of a public policy strategy that encourages the protection, acquisition, and maintenance of public lands, while promoting and protecting access to outdoor recreation areas to ensure the growth and success of the outdoor industry and reconnect Americans to the outdoor experience.

Additionally the OIARAC provides input on federal, state and local legislation or regulations relevant to access, funding, and the maintenance of existing public lands and waters as well as new conservation or land designations and recommends policy positions to the OIA government affairs team.

The OIARAC provides guidance on various recreation policy issues representing the diverse needs within the industry through our legislative initiatives, amplifying our engagement in the Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and other public land funding initiatives, as well as supporting needed Rec Economy research.

Vision for Engagement

OIARAC will focus on issues where the business angle is pivotal in achieving success. OIARAC will engage on issues with important scope, scale, impact and/or political precedence. OIARAC’s values pertain to:

  • Access: Increase participation by providing appropriate access for all to recreation lands and waters
  • Conservation: Conserving land for our current and future customers
  • Economy: Driving the growth of the outdoor recreation economy by measuring and communicating it’s importance at the local and national level.
  • Experience: Provide quality outdoor experience through land use designation, on the ground management leading to a well developed and maintained infrastructure.
  • Funding: Ensuring adequate budget appropriations for recreational opportunities.
  • Collaboration: Encouraging processes that engage diverse stakeholders across different market sectors.


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