Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 12 pm MT


Outdoor companies came together last year in record numbers to express support for historic investments to combat climate change contained in the Build Back Better plan (BBB). While the House passed this ambitious proposal, action in the Senate stalled and 2021 ended without this legislation making it to the president’s desk. As we look ahead to the legislative agenda for 2022, the urgency for acting on climate will only increase. It is more important than ever for outdoor businesses to step up the plate and help get BBB across the finish line.

Join OIA and OIA members for a refresher on the key climate provisions in BBB – from a Civilian Climate Corps and natural climate solutions to accelerating the transition to renewable energy – and learn how you and your company can be advocates for the planet and complete the work on BBB.


Rick Murphy, Forbes Tate Partners

Theresa Conn, NEMO Equipment