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The Evolution of Travel Security: Knog Introduces Scout Travel Smart Luggage Tag, Finder & Alarm

June 27, 2023

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June 27, 2023 – Melbourne, Australia – Since 2002, award-winning cycling and outdoor accessory brand Knog has consistently designed products that defy convention. Continuing its legacy of aesthetically daring and innovative designs, Knog is delighted to unveil the future of travel security —  Scout Travel Smart Luggage Tag, Finder & Alarm. A new generation of smart luggage tags that replaces traditional luggage tags and protects your belongings while offering peace of mind, Scout Travel is a purpose-built smart luggage tag with both an alarm and a bag finder in one compact unit.

Travel can be stressful, especially when it comes to identifying your luggage and keeping it secure. Whether it’s navigating foreign cities, staying in unfamiliar locations, or just commuting to work, there are numerous opportunities for your valuables to be lost, stolen, or simply misplaced. Scout Travel is built to cope with the rigorous demands of travel and is made to securely attach to your luggage. It’s constructed with fiber-reinforced plastic and is over-molded in silicone for enhanced durability. With security top of mind, Scout Travel features a tamper-proof cable attachment constructed with a braided stainless steel cable coated with non-abrasive nylon. The security tether is attached with an anti-tamper security bolt that requires the use of the Knog anti-tamper tool to remove it. Every Scout Travel comes supplied with two lengths of security tether to cater to different user needs.

With Scout Travel, gone are the days of writing your details onto a disposable paper tag. Designed as a permanent replacement for traditional luggage tags, each Scout Travel comes with a printed QR code that allows you to digitize your preferred contact information via the Knog app. When scanned by a smartphone, Scout Travel’s QR code takes the finder to a page containing your customized contact details, allowing them to send you a message letting you know your Scout has been found and where to retrieve it. Once this message has been sent, you will also receive an email that your Scout has been located, along with a message from the finder to help you quickly reunite with your missing belongings.

To use Scout Travel’s alarm feature, simply arm the device using the Knog App on any iPhone device. If your luggage is moved, an impossible-to-ignore 85 decibel motion sensor alarm will sound and an alert will be sent directly to your phone, allowing you to intervene and secure your luggage. In the event your luggage is not where you expect it to be, you will be able to find its exact location using Apple’s ‘Find My’ network, empowering you to take appropriate action and recover your belongings. Unlike other GPS-based trackers, Scout Travel’s compatibility with Apple’s ‘Find My’ network means there are no ongoing subscription fees.

“Following the successful launch of Scout Bike Alarm & Finder in early 2023, we always intended to extend the use of our innovative technology to benefit consumers beyond the global cycling community,” says Knog Co-Founder and Designer Hugo Davidson. “Now with the launch of Scout Travel, we have developed a product that takes the luggage tag and makes it fit for life in the 21st century. We can’t wait to get the Scout Travel out there and start making travel much less stressful for everyone.”

Another useful feature of Scout Travel is the remote chime function, which can be activated remotely using the Knog App. In the scenario that your luggage is left in a pile of other unclaimed luggage, you can use the Knog App to activate a chime that will sound directly from the Scout Travel tag. If Scout Travel itself is lost, simply turn on ‘Lost Mode’ using Knog’s Near-Field-Communication Technology. The person who finds the Scout Travel can open the ‘Find My’ app on their iPhone and easily identify the item and see a message from the Scout Travel owner.