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Norrøna Announces New Membership with Non-Profit Fair Wear Foundation

April 16, 2024

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Corinne Baud at

OSLO, Norway (April 16, 2024) — Norrøna, the four season, family-owned Norwegian manufacturer of premium apparel and gear, today announced its new membership with non-profit organization Fair Wear Foundation. The Fair Wear membership is a key step toward the sustainability targets outlined in its Norrøna 2029 Roadmap, which aims for the brand being the most responsible outdoor company.

“An important aspect of becoming the most responsible outdoor company is creating a fair, equal and positive workplace environment for all employees, especially those tasked with creating our premium gear in factories around the world,” said Jørgen Jørgensen, leader and fourth-generation owner of Norrøna. “Working with Fair Wear is a critical step to improve the labor conditions in our supply chain, as we continue to grow and enter our next century as a brand leader in sustainable and ethical business practices.”

Siri Luthen, Norrøna’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability leader, emphasized the significance of the decision to join Fair Wear, stating, “One crucial reason for our Fair Wear membership is to ensure that workers or their representatives can raise the issue and find solutions if rights are violated. Fair Wear provides a grievance mechanism for workers to voice concerns related to the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices. We commit to rolling out this safe and accessible mechanism at our production locations to ensure all workers have access to the Fair Wear helpline. This initiative is pivotal in achieving our Roadmap goal of ensuring that 100 percent of workers’ voices are heard.”

Fair Wear equips Norrøna with a range of tools to move from traditional social auditing to effectively manage human rights issues within supply chains. The Brand Performance Check will assess and evaluate Norrøna’s practices, providing constructive feedback to enhance our supply chain integrity. This aspect of membership underscores Fair Wear’s dedication not only to improving factory conditions but also to scrutinizing brand practices. Furthermore, Fair Wear offers third-party factory audits, comprehensive training programs, and grants access to expert research and tools from non-profit organizations and likeminded garment brands.”

“We are excited to welcome Norrøna as a Fair Wear member and look forward to working together on systemic change in the outdoor industry. Norrøna’s commitment to conduct proper human rights due diligence and scrutinize their brand practices lays the foundation for impactful transformation,” says Mariette van Amstel, Fair Wear’s Head of Membership.

Fair Wear was founded in 1999 with the mission of improving labor conditions in the garment industry by bridging the gap between stakeholders and aligning on creating people-and planet-positive practices for the garment sector. The organization works with brands, factories, workers, trade unions, NGOs and other industry influencers to develop practical solutions to improve working conditions across supply chains.

Norrøna’s partnership with Fair Wear is effective immediately as the brand has signed the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices.

For media inquiries about Norrøna and its membership with Fair Wear, please contact senior account manager Corinne Baud at


About Norrøna: In 1929, Jørgen Jørgensen, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast, began his search for durable outdoor equipment to perform in Norway´s harsh and rugged land. Starting with simple innovations such as leather straps, canvas backpacks and cotton clothing, he set Norrøna’s direction: To search for the best in technical advancements and to create the ultimate performance products. Today, four generations later, Norrøna is still a family-owned and run company and a leader in the growing market of sustainable sportswear.