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NESTOUT Debuts Compact 5000mAh Power Bank – Built Tough for Your Next Adventure

June 25, 2024

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Hazel Rogerson

NESTOUT, the innovative brand in eco-friendly power solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest addition to its award-winning lineup – the 5000mAh battery. This slim and compact powerhouse joins the existing 10000mAh and 15000mAh batteries, ready to fuel your adventures and explorations.

The new 5000mAh battery is designed for the modern explorer, offering a lightweight, portable solution without compromising on power. Available in five colors (black, beige, blue gray, olive green, and mustard), it caters to personal style while providing the rugged durability needed for any adventure. Whether hiking through wet and rocky terrain, camping under the stars, or navigating urban jungles, the NESTOUT 5000mAh battery ensures devices stay charged and ready for whatever challenges come your way.

Built for Adventure

The NESTOUT 5000mAh battery is engineered to endure tough outdoor environments. It is rugged, waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, with an IP67 rating that guarantees resilience against the elements. This makes it the perfect portable power solution for hiking, camping, and any activity where durability and reliability are paramount.

Compact and Travel-Friendly

Weighing just 4.9 ounces and measuring 5.3 x 1.4 inches, the NESTOUT 5000mAh battery is incredibly compact and slim, taking up minimal space in a backpack. Its sleek, lightweight design ensures that it can easily fit into the tightest spots, making it an ideal companion for travelers and adventurers who need a reliable power source on the go.

Safe and Reliable Fast-Charging

Featuring smart power distribution and fast charging capabilities, the batteries are designed to provide efficient, reliable power. The smart power distribution ensures optimal charging for all your devices, while the fast-charging feature minimizes downtime, keeping you on the move. Additionally, the battery includes six circuit protections, ensuring safe and secure operation under various conditions. Equipped with one USB-C and one USB-A port, the power bank can simultaneously charge two devices.

Award-Winning Design

NESTOUT’s focus on creating functional and beautifully designed products has earned prestigious accolades, including the IF Design Gold Award and the Good Design Award. These recognitions reflect NESTOUT’s dedication to sustainable and innovative design.

Unique Modular Ecosystem

The new 5000mAh battery seamlessly integrates with our existing modular ecosystem, which includes:

  • Lighting Accessories – NESTOUT’s versatile lighting solutions are custom-fit to connect to the power banks, maximizing convenience and functionality. Whether illuminating a campsite or navigating at night, the integrated system offers reliable lighting powered by the durable NESTOUT battery.
  • Solar Panels – The batteries fit perfectly into the custom solar panel pouch, allowing users to harness solar energy efficiently. This combination provides a sustainable energy solution for extended outdoor activities.

The modular lineup is engineered to work together, providing a comprehensive solution for all your power needs. Use the dual-port 15000mAh battery to charge devices and power lighting accessories simultaneously, while the 10000mAh and 5000mAh batteries serve as a perfect supplement for additional lighting and charging needs. Harness the power of the sun with the SOLAR-1 solar panels to keep batteries topped up and ready for the outdoors at all times. Whether you’re charging your devices, lighting up your campsite, or generating renewable energy, NESTOUT products are built to support your adventurous spirit.

Availability and Pricing

The 5000mAh power banks will be available in June 2024 on with an MSRP of $39.99.

Embrace the adventure. Empower your exploration. Discover NESTOUT.


NESTOUT is dedicated to creating innovative, durable power solutions that empower adventurers and explorers around the world. The modular lineup of power banks, solar panels, and lighting accessories is designed to work together, providing reliable and sustainable energy for all your journeys. NESTOUT products have won multiple awards, including the IF Design Gold Award and the Good Design Award.