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Introducing GOES Health: The World’s First Outdoor Health Platform

June 21, 2023

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Erin Wyer /

San Francisco, Calif., June 21, 2023 — Global Outdoor Emergency Support (GOES Health), winner of the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, today introduces the groundbreaking GOES Health mobile app. This first-of-its-kind resource provides instant access to wilderness medical support for outdoor goers, wherever and whenever they need it. With its unique blend of online and offline functionality, GOES sets a new standard for outdoor health by offering essential, life-saving information through an intuitive smartphone app, empowering individuals and families to explore the outdoors safely and with confidence.

After treating a hiker in critical condition due to a rattlesnake bite, Dr. Grant Lipman, a former professor at Stanford Emergency Medicine and director of its wilderness medicine fellowship, founded GOES Health to make wilderness medicine more accessible. GOES’ technology platform was developed with medical experts at the Stanford School of Medicine and the Preventative Search & Rescue Rangers from the National Park Service and is the only outdoor health app created, staffed and built by wilderness medicine-trained physicians.

The GOES Health app offers two options for support: GOES, which provides adventure preparation advice, location-based environmental health risks and natural disaster alerts, and unparalleled offline injury management resources; and GOES+, a premium service that includes 24/7 access to wilderness medicine doctors.

Today, GOES helps users to:

  • Prepare: GOES provides scientific explanations of how and why the environment affects our bodies across more than 50 topics, over 150 medically validated prevention tips and 25 location-specific environmental health risks. All accessible off-grid after app download.
  • Assess and Decide: In the event of an emergency or unexpected scenario, users can assess environment-specific injuries using a 41 point avatar and manage injuries to decide the best course of action with over 30 wilderness medicine protocols and how-to guides. All available offline.
  • Access 24/7 Medical Support: With GOES+, premium users can call or chat directly with one of more than 30 wilderness medicine-trained emergency physicians. *Satellite phone, cellular reception & data, or internet access required. “We are deeply focused on taking an altruistic approach in harnessing the power of technology.

Our world is changing fast, and acknowledging the increased risks in outdoor recreation due to climate change, we’ve set out to empower people to safely and confidently explore the unknown,” said Camilo Barcenas, CEO and Co-Founder of GOES Health. “We are making wilderness medicine more accessible by personalizing location and activity based care protocols, and making them actionable for all levels of users.”

GOES is actively partnering with outdoor organizations and brands to encourage safe outdoor participation in active communities. If your organization is interested in learning more, please contact us at

Download the GOES Health app today and join the movement to embrace the unknown safely and confidently. The smartphone app is available for iPhone in the Apple App Store and will release for android in autumn 2023.

Media Contact: Erin Wyer /
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About GOES Health:
GOES (Global Outdoor Emergency Support) Health delivers life-saving information backed by wilderness medicine doctors to provide people with offline tools and access to medical support, wherever they are and when it matters most. Founded by Dr. Lipman, a former professor at Stanford Emergency Medicine and director of its wilderness medicine fellowship, GOES Health offers credible and relevant knowledge to equip people with the foundation they need to explore the outdoors with confidence and peace of mind. The app uses a simple and clean design to ensure user-friendly access, better preparedness, efficient navigation of new situations, and seamless connectivity with our team of exceptional doctors at any time. GOES.Health