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The Outdoor Industry Association is a force for our members and the greater industry in the areas of policy, sustainability and outdoor participation. Being an OIA member means joining together as retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, reps, non-profits, athletes and outdoorists to tackle key industry issues that defeat us individually, but as a collective we conquer.

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Outdoor Industry Association collaborates with members and key stakeholder groups to move the needle in our key focus areas of outdoor recreation and trade policy, sustainable business innovation and outdoor participation while providing meaningful benefits to help your business thrive. Read below for more details on our focus areas and how you can get involved by becoming a member.

  • Policy

    From recreation access to balanced trade, the issues that affect our businesses and our customers are constantly on the dockets of local, state and federal state houses. Outdoor Industry Association educates and lobbies lawmakers to pass sound policies that support our industry’s growth and viability.

    More on Policy
  • Sustainability

    Sustainable business is the business of asking, “how can we do this better?” We are proud to promote the welfare of people, animals and resources involved in manufacturing outdoor products, from raw materials to end of life. We don’t have all the answers, and we’re not shying away from asking the questions.

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  • Participation

    We come from different backgrounds; work in different, sometimes competing, channels of the industry and find different ways to play outside. But we are all outdoorists, working together to expand outdoor access and opportunities.

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  • ConsumerVue

    Built from our industry-level consumer segmentation, OIA ConsumerVue is a series of reports and infographic to bring to life the unique segments of the outdoor consumer. Use ConsumerVue to:

    • ▸ Inform and enhance your business strategies
    • ▸ Learn the buying habits and motivations of your customers
    • ▸ Develop data-backed products and marketing initiatives

    More on ConsumerVue
  • Business Savings

    As an OIA member, you have access to tools and resources to help you and your company thrive. Take advantage of our cost saving partnerships to save you money in:

    • ▸ Supply Chain Management
    • ▸ Marketing/Sales
    • ▸ Finance/Operations

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  • Membership Directory

    As an OIA member you have access to a member-only directory that lists all OIA member company names, websites and general information. This allows you to increase your brand recognition and get in contact with fellow members for networking and collaboration.

    Other Member Benefits
  • Events

    Staying competitive means staying ahead of the latest trends, honing your skills and networking with your peers. All employees of OIA member companies can participate in a variety of education and events throughout the year.

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  • Manufacturer/Supplier/Distributor: Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of all products used in outdoor recreation.
  • Speciality Retailer/Sales Rep: Independent specialty retailers and sales reps whose primary product sales are used in outdoor recreation.
  • Non-Profit/Government
  • Media/PR Agency
  • Firms/Corporations

Become a Member

Becoming a part of the Outdoor Industry Association means claiming a seat behind the steering wheel to drive meaningful action. You’re signing on to a distinguished list of global sustainability leaders. You’re actively—not passively—communicating with your elected officials to create common sense recreation and trade policy. And you’re passing your love of the outdoors onto the next generations through tangible and scalable programming. Join us.

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