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Climate Action Corps 2022 Progress

By 2030, science says we need to cut global GHG emissions in half. The question is no longer “What will we do about climate change?” – it’s how far can we go, and who wants to join us?

Since 2020, Climate Action Corps members have demonstrated tremendous progress in the fight against climate change. Explore how our members are measuring, setting targets, reducing emissions, and showing up in unprecedented numbers to demand equally bold policy action.

Year Three of the Climate Action Corps


of Corps members have measured their operational greenhouse gas emissions – up from 96% from last year and 84% in 2020.


of Corps members have set Scope 1 and 2 targets and 76% have set targets for Scope 3 (set or in progress).


Corps members are engaged in 4 Impact CoLabs – in addition to 7 members who have already completed 2 CoLabs – to help accelerate emissions reductions.


of Corps members have engaged in advocacy, such as endorsing a climate solutions campaign, participating in a government meeting, or corresponding directly with Congress – up from 59% last year.

What Industy Leaders Say about the Corps

We know that our employees, shareholders, customers, and – most importantly – the next generations are expecting us to be the change.

Explore the 2022 Progress Reports

Be a catalyst for sustainable growth

By providing measurement tools, playbooks, and case studies, OIA is helping our members lead the charge for a sustainable future, across our industry and around the world. Join us. 

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