Outdoor Retailer Industry Lunch: State of the Outdoor Market

January 26, 2022

Get a clear view of current activity in the outdoor market and what the future has in store for outdoor market players. Watch our presentation from Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022 to learn about participation in outdoor activities, sales trends in outdoor, supply chain disruptions and the impacts of Covid-19 on participation and consumer perspectives. Hear what the data is telling us about supply and demand, and how the pandemic has affected all aspects of the outdoor market and participation habits. Learn about increased diversity across the participation base, the new consumer journey into the outdoor market and what opportunities the U.S. Census 2020 projections revealed. This timely and informative conversation will delve into trends spanning business, participation, consumer behavior and more, and how they all impact the outdoor market.

Presenter: Kelly Davis, Research Director, Outdoor Industry Association