Audio Outdoorist: Campfire Conversation: How Specialty Retailers Are Reopening, Repositioning or Reinventing After Pandemic

May 28, 2020

Welcome to OIA Campfire Conversations, our new special video and audio series that is part of our Audio Outdoorist podcast.

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These episodes are your opportunity to be a fly on the wall, to listen in as thought leaders and subject-matter experts chat about issues that are important, relevant and timely. The conversations will be candid and casual, fluid and free-flowing. Our hope is that you’ll come away with deeper — and maybe even some new — insights as you consider the various perspectives of the participants. As the trade association of the outdoor industry, OIA’s aim is to convene the diverse thinkers and changemakers whose work and ideas will steer us toward continued growth. We’ll post these as videos on our website for you to watch on your computer, and we’ll publish them on our Audio Outdoorist podcast, so you can listen on your next hike, bike or paddle. Thanks for listening in and enjoy the conversation.

Episode 4 – How Specialty Retailers Are Reopening, Repositioning or Reinventing After Pandemic

Three specialty retail shop owners across the country and an expert in consumer trends and retail strategy gather around the fire to discuss the immediate aftermath of the COVID “shutdown,” the steps they’re taking to reopen or reposition their businesses, the safety precautions they’re using and how they’re recouping their losses. From day-to-day operations adjustments (adjusted hours, curbside pickup, delivery) to staffing changes; creative inventory strategy to quick-start e-commerce solutions, they’ve responded on the fly and without a roadmap. Listen in as they chat candidly about what they’ve learned, what questions they still have, what makes them nervous and what gives them hope about the near and long-term future.

Around the Campfire:

Chris Hogue, Head of Strategy at Live Area, a digital commerce agency
David Leinweber, Owner, Angler’s Covey, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Pam Schwarbach, Owner, The Hive, Madison, Wisconsin
Amy Skinner, Owner, Wild Iris, Lander, Wyoming
Deborah Williams, Director of Marketing & Communications, OIA