COVID-19 Webinar: Special Session for OIA: Coming Out of Crisis

June 2, 2020

When: Tuesday, June 2, 11:00 a.m. (MT)
Speaker: Shawn Rhodes, Shoshin Consulting

As COVID-19 and its after effects rock our communities, profitability and business plans, the outdoor industry finds itself in unprecedented times. Shawn Rhodes has made it his life’s work to study teams who found ways to survive – and even thrive – in the most challenging and dangerous environments on the planet. We’ve asked him to specifically address dealing with the aftermath of this current crisis for our members. In a special virtual session, Shawn will walk us through the following:

  • Recapturing lost profitability in our businesses
  • Planning for an uncertain workforce composition while not sacrificing performance
  • Creating contingency and continuity plans so we can weather the current (and future) storms of COVID-19


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About the Speaker:
Shawn Rhodes leveraged his former life as a war correspondent to become an international expert in how the best teams pivot when change enters their plans. He’s a Tampa-based TEDx speaker, a former National Park Ranger and his work studying teams in more than two dozen countries – some the most dangerous places on the planet where he relied on the products of our members to survive and thrive – has been published in news outlets around the world including TIME, CNN, NBC, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and INC. His clients have included Deloitte, ConAgra, Coca-Cola and dozens of similar businesses. Shawn is also a nationally-syndicated columnist with the Business Journals and author of the new book “Pivot Point: Turn On A Dime Without Sacrificing Results.”