Audio Outdoorist: 2021 International Shipping Crisis

Representatives from Black Diamond Equipment, Lacrosse Footwear and Vista Outdoors talk about when the problem began and how they're working with OIA to mitigate challenges and advocate for trade policy to reduce the high costs of international shipping.

By Deborah Williams October 5, 2021

This is the second in our series about international trade and trade policy. In this episode, our director of government affairs Rich Harper and three members of our Trade Advisory Council, discuss the recent precipitous rise in shipping costs, which, on top of punitive tariffs, trade wars and the global pandemic, have made it difficult for our member companies to remain nimble and competitive. Recently, OIA sent a letter to the White House, calling on this administration to invite all stakeholders to the table to identify immediate solutions to the crisis and to enforce all existing regulations. In addition, we’re calling for support on legislation recently introduced in Congress to help alleviate the issues. To learn more about OIA’s advocacy work, to sign up for our trade alerts and to get involved in legislation to help outdoor companies address this crisis, reach out to Rich Harper, OIA Government Affairs Director.