Audio Outdoorist: Maine Senator Angus King and L.L.Bean Executive Chairman Shawn Gorman

Ranking 5th in the nation, Maine’s outdoor industry generates 3.3% of the state’s economy. With numbers like that, Senator Angus King has a sharp eye on policies like those in the Great American Outdoors Act and the Build Back Better Act, which is currently going under debate in Congress.

By January 25, 2022

In today’s episode, OIA government affairs director Rich Harper speaks with King and OIA Government Affairs Committee Chair and L.L.Bean Executive Chairman Shawn Gorman about why they support federal investments in national, state and local parks as means for driving sustainable economic growth, and they discuss how government and outdoor businesses can work together to pass equitable climate-smart legislation like the Outdoors For All Act to ensure our planet, its people and the outdoor industry continue to thrive.