Audio Outdoorist: Campfire Conversation: Climate Action After a Pandemic

June 24, 2020

Welcome to OIA Campfire Conversations, our new special video and audio series that is part of our Audio Outdoorist podcast.

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These episodes are your opportunity to be a fly on the wall, to listen in as thought leaders and subject-matter experts chat about issues that are important, relevant and timely. The conversations will be candid and casual, fluid and free-flowing. Our hope is that you’ll come away with deeper — and maybe even some new — insights as you consider the various perspectives of the participants. As the trade association of the outdoor industry, OIA’s aim is to convene the diverse thinkers and changemakers whose work and ideas will steer us toward continued growth. We’ll post these as videos on our website for you to watch on your computer, and we’ll publish them on our Audio Outdoorist podcast, so you can listen on your next hike, bike or paddle. Thanks for listening in and enjoy the conversation.

Episode 5 – Climate Action After a Pandemic

Just a couple days ago, Jessie Curry, OIA’s sustainable business manager, called up four members of the OIA Climate Action Corps, and she posed this questions: Can companies in the outdoor industry afford to lean into climate action in the midst and immediate aftermath of a pandemic? For the next hour, you’ll get to listen in as they chat candidly about their respective companies’ approaches to climate and sustainability work. Throughout their conversation, you’ll hear four recurrent themes: risk, resiliency, equity and recovery.

Conversations just like this one happen frequently among the members of the Climate Action Corps, outdoor industry companies that have agreed that now is, precisely, the right time to lean into addressing the climate crisis, true for those first getting started and those already making headway. Because there are both power and efficiencies in numbers, the members of the Corps are not only realizing significant cost-savings as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of measuring and reducing their carbon footprints, they’re building a strong coalition of business voices that will advocatefor policy solutions to address the global climate crisis. For more information or if you’d like to join the OIA Climate Action Corps, visit

Around the Campfire:

Jessie Curry, Sustainable Business Manager, OIA


Jenn Swain, Global Senior Sustainability Manager, Burton


JJ Trout, Chief of Staff, People for Bikes


Chris Sautter, Product Development Center Director, Yakima


Greg Foweraker, Product Integrity, GSI Outdoors