Outdoor Industry Association

Business Issues

Technology and globalization are rapidly changing how companies do business in the United States and around the world. Outdoor Industry Association supports our member companies by promoting fair and predictable business practices.


The retail landscape is rapidly changing and the relationship between outdoor companies and their customers is evolving on a nearly daily basis. Brands can now utilize multiple retails channels to communicate with and sell to their customers. Whether it’s through traditional brick and mortar stores, catalogue, Internet, or mobile device, OIA supports our members by fighting for a level playing field for all retailers, regardless of their retail channels. We support specialty outdoor retailers by supporting policies that provide fair and equitable tax rules, encourage the coordination of tax collection across the diversity of taxing jurisdictions and discourage “showrooming” – the practice of consumers who use the expertise of specialty retail staff to customize and fit the outdoor products they want and then purchase the products online.

Internet Counterfeits

OIA supports outdoor brands in their fight against counterfeit brands and the deceptive websites that “sell” them. Often these websites sell low quality knock offs that don’t have the technical or performance features of the authentic product and in many cases, these knockoffs can be dangerous to an unknowing consumer.

OIA does not support censorship of the Internet. We believe, however, that credit card companies, payment processors, Internet service providers, and search engines have a responsibility to help keep counterfeits out of the hands of consumers.


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