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OIA Expands Sustainable Business Innovation Programs

Sustainability has been central to OIA’s mission since 2007, when the first sustainability working group launched. Since then, our sustainability programming has continued to grow, fostering a culture of collaboration where members take the reins, determine the agenda, invest personally, and encourage partnership without succumbing to competitive barriers. 

Last week at our OIA Sustainability All-Member Webinar, we unveiled several exciting new opportunities for all members to connect and collaborate with peers grappling with similar challenges. Through these collaboration opportunities, we can join hands and address the complexities of chemicals and climate together.  

New Goals: OIA is leading the charge for a sustainable future

CAC Goal 

Take bold, collective action against climate change by reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions across the outdoor industry, carving a bold new path for others to follow.  

Why the change? CAC’s old goal was to “Become the world’s first climate positive industry by 2030, setting a bold example for others around the world to follow.” While we still stand by this goal in spirit, the sustainability landscape is rapidly evolving. The term “climate positive” is no longer widely used and, in some cases, is even prohibited under certain rules and regulations concerning sustainability claims. Our updated goal reflects the evolving sustainability landscape, the need to align with science, and the focus on greenhouse gas reduction in order to prevent catastrophic climate change.  


Blaze the trail in the innovation and adoption of safer chemicals that deliver functional, durable, and trustworthy materials and products to our customers.  

CCMC is approaching its one-year birthday. Chemical regulations continue to progress at a rapid and disjointed rate. However, our members are now more prepared than ever to comply thanks to CCMC’s community and expertise. This goal represents all of the progress that CCMC has made in the past year, and the coalition’s future aspirations for safer chemistry in the industry.  

New Program Requirements 

  • Commit to Program Goals  
  • Share Annual Progress  

New Resources: Our Evolved Offerings for OIA Members

For both CAC and CCMC, we aspire to offer our members:  

  • Guidance – Approachable guidance with the basics of what you need to know in order to make progress towards the program goal.  
  • Trainings – Virtual events to engage and instruct members on addressing chemical and climate impacts.  
  • Tools – Recommended and discounted tools to help you measure your impacts and keep track of important legislative timelines.  
  • Community – Online communities, in-person events, and other opportunities to connect with your industry peers.  
  • Collaboration – CoLabs aimed at specific impact reduction initiatives and Task Forces where members roll up their sleeves to discuss innovative solutions to shared challenges.  

We hope that through these two programs, our members will:  

  • Comply with upcoming regulations  
  • Reduce industry emissions  50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050 (UNFCCC)  
  • Replace harmful substances with clean chemistry and materials  

New Collaboration Opportunities: Let’s Work Together

As we move towards our sustainability goals, we must move together, as an industry. It’s in this spirit that OIA is launching more collaboration opportunities for our members to investigate challenges, implement solutions, and progress the industry.   

OIA Impact CoLabs: Pre-Competitive 

Existing CoLabs (not recruiting): 

  • Tent Flammability (CCMC) – Change outdated laws in 7 states to no longer require flame retardants in tents   
  • Drinkware (CAC) – Carbon auditing, target setting, and decarbonization action planning for suppliers   
  • Clean Heat (CAC) – Creation of a decision support tool for the electrification of heating in textile plants    
  • Vietnam Renewable Energy (CAC) – Aggregated solar procurement for suppliers in Vietnam    
  • Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (CAC) – Aggregated solar procurement for owned and operated facilities (Scope 2)     
  • Carbon Leadership Project (CAC) – Carbon auditing, target setting, and decarbonization action planning for suppliers  

New CoLab (recruiting): 

  • Developing: Philippines RE (CAC) – OIA is collaborating with Allotrope Partners once again to give members the opportunity to explore clean energy at the Dong In Entech facility in the Philippines  


OIA Task Forces 

Task Forces are member-led and member-driven teams dedicated to addressing specific challenges and producing specific deliverables within a set period of time. Here are the task forces OIA is currently offering members: 

  • Aluminum Task Force 
  • Hardgoods Task Force 
  • PFAS Testing Task Force 
  • Supplier Climate Principles Task Force 
  • TSCA Task Force 
  • Sustainability Policy Task Force  
  • Recycled Inputs Task Force  


To learn more about OIA Sustainability, visit our OIA webpage, or reach out to