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Minnesota Issues

Outdoor Recreation Office

This office would be the first of its kind in the Midwest and provide Minnesota the opportunity to leverage its outdoor heritage to meet a fast-growing sector of the economy.

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HF 2704: Bring MN Parks to ADA Standards

This appropriations bill provides funding for capital improvements for state-owned entities, such as the University of Minnesota and other state colleges and universities. Additionally, it would appropriate $131 million to the state’s Natural Resources Department to bring state parks to ADA standards, renovate or replace facilities (using the most energy-efficient and carbon-reducing method), provide grants for local parks and trails, as well as provide funding to acquire, restore and reforest the state’s public lands.

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National Issues

Restore Our Parks and Public Lands Act 2019

Our national parks have not received the dedicated funding meant to address the significant issue of maintenance problems. Unmaintained trails, crumbling roads and outdated visitor center and other infrastructure are a serious problem.

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Permanent, Full Funding for LWCF

Full funding of LWCF through this bill will ensure that our public lands remain economic drivers for rural and urban communities and ensure that future generations inherit and enjoy our public lands.

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Stakeholders from across Colorado, representing outdoor businesses, recreation groups, hunters and anglers, and conservationists each contributed elements to establish new wilderness areas, protect existing outdoor recreation opportunities and the benefits they provide to Colorado’s economy and Coloradans.

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