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Outdoor Recreation Participation Report 2009

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The Outdoor Foundation's 2009 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report is the only detailed study of its kind tracking American participation trends in outdoor recreation. The study is based on an online survey capturing responses from over 40,000 Americans ages six and older and covers 114 different activities, making it the largest survey of its type examining participation in sports and outdoor activities.

In 2008, American participation in outdoor recreation was marked by encouraging growth in important segments of core outdoor activities as well as continuing, though less dramatic, declines in youth participation. These trends show the beginning of adjustments in American lifestyles brought about by a challenging economy, shifting demographics and changing times.

The report provides important insights into participation in outdoor recreation that are critical to efforts nationwide seeking to understand and reverse the growing inactivity crisis and the growing disconnect with the outdoors among youth and all Americans. Detailed information is included on youth, diversity, and gender - demographics essential to future generations of outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists.

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