If you have any questions, or need social media support, please reach out to Katie Boué and Andriana Rogers. We’re here to help empower you with the resources you need to advocate for the outdoors this November.


  • When we head out on adventures we make a plan, check the conditions, text a friend, bring the essentials. It’s time we do the same for voting. Make your voter plan and #VoteTheOutdoors:
  • In 2020, the COVID pandemic changed nearly all our adventure plans––but in a year of constant uncertainty, one thing remains sure: we must make a plan to #VoteTheOutdoors this November. Get educated, get registered, and vote with us:
  • Did you know there are over 7.6 million #outdoorindustry professionals in the United States? That’s a whole lotta voting power –– let’s flex our outdoorist muscles this November and #VoteTheOutdoors. Join us:
  • This November, let’s use the power of the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy to influence the vote. Get registered, make a plan, and #VoteTheOutdoors with us:
  • Our friends at Conservation Alliance estimate that 24.6 million outdoor recreationists might not head to the polls in November. Let’s beat that statistic. Get registered, make a plan to vote, and #VoteTheOutdoors:
  • I pledge to #VoteTheOutdoors this November–will you? Join the movement and get empowered with @OIA’s Voters Guide:
  • No matter your political stripes, the outdoors brings us together. Pledge to #VoteTheOutdoors this November, and get educated + empowered with @OIA’s Voters Guide:
  • I’m going to #VoteTheOutdoors in 2020. Are you? Explore @OIA’s Voters Guide, get to know the key issues outdoorists should care about––and vote accordingly:
  • The most important way you can stand up for your public lands in 2020? #VoteTheOutdoors. @OIA’s new guide will help empower you to use your vote for good:



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