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Urge President Trump to Stay in the Paris Agreement

May 4, 2017

Climate change is a direct threat to the $887 billion outdoor recreation industry. It impacts the places we go outside, where products come from, and hurts long-term business certainty.

In 2015, the United States joined 195 other nations and signed the Paris Climate Agreement bringing the international community together to address climate change and work together to adapt to its effects. The Trump Administration is considering withdrawing the United States from the agreement.

Businesses across multiple industries have come together to urge President Trump to maintain the United States’ role in the Paris agreement. We ask that you take action today and write the White House expressing your support, as an executive, of the United States maintaining its role in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Please fill out the form below then use the provided bullet points to personalize and send a letter to President Trump’s key advisors and cabinet members on this issue.