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“I think in terms of people that are pulled to this or drawn to this industry, They’re all trying to live their life in some way that is ethically on a bit of a higher ground. And it sounds a little sanctimonious to sy that in some way, but there’s something that drives people in this industry to deal in such a level of good faith and goodwill with each other in collaborations and partnerships.”

Don Bushey

Owner, Wilderness Exchange Unlimited

“Well unfortunately, we continute to have to have reasons to get out. That’s the moment I realize nature is a powerful healer and I think that we need nature, especially indivisive times. We need that place where the trees don’t know what color you are. The birds don’t know what your social economic status is. It’s a place of not only healing, but a place to equalize us and to help us hear one another and see one another and have that relationship.”

Rue Mapp

Founder & CEO, Outdoor Afro

“Well public lands are the infrastructure for outdoor recreation and we’re fortunate to have millions of acres of special lands available to all Americans to play, and climb, and ski, and run, and hike. I think a lot of Americans take that for granted and we are about to find out the cost of taking our lands for granted.”

John Sterling

Executive Director, The Conservation Alliance

“It’s part of what I love about the outdoors. I think it’s conductive to amazing relationships.”

Jerry Stritzke


“OIA has always been super important to the industry by providing the forum for us to meet each other and get to know each other. But more important than that, I think it sets this tone that we’re all in it together.”

Ashley Korenblat

CEO, Western Spirit Cycling

“What’s unique about the outdoor industry is the level of collaboration across all the competitors and I think that comes down to the basic philosophy of being outdoors.”

Conrad Anker

Professional Climber, Captain of The North Face Athlete Team

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