As part of the program, industry sages will serve as cohort guides to the participants. They will mentor, teach and provide support in various ways over the six-month period.

Mentor Expectations

  • Mentors must have 10+ years of outdoor industry experience and/or be in a director-level role or above.
  • Mentors can come from any functional area in the industry, although the makeup of each class will vary and determine which mentors are matched each year.
  • Mentors will be notified of their match status in early January. Those who are matched, will only be matched with one mentee at a time.
  • Mentors should have the bandwidth to commit 3-6 hours per month during the program (February thru June) to their mentee. Much of this time will be dedicated to calls or meetings on a weekly or every-other week basis.
  • Mentors can expect to address a variety of topics with their mentee potentially including: career growth planning, career/values alignment, work/life balance, managing difficult situations at work, leadership dilemmas, how to effectively manage others, etc.




Emerging Leaders Manager