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Garrett Barnum

Category Director, Yakima Products

One second bio:
A creative problem solver, playing the game of life, trying to balance the responsibilities of career, family, community, and global human family.

Betsy Bertram

Director of Events, Marketing and Community Outreach, Townsend Bertram & Company

One second bio:
I live with a passion for outdoor adventure and the purpose of creating community, seeking balance, being open to new opportunities, preserving the wild places, and inspiring others.

Allison Coughlin

President, Burley Design

One second bio:
I am an eager and driven individual who is passionate about about my people, my community, and the world around me.

Damien Etchaubard

Marketing Manager, Helly Hansen

Jessie Fallentine

Sales Operations Manager, Gregory Mountain Products

One second bio:
I work hard to balance my work, life and family. I’m passionate about things I love, wilderness, family, and my job.

Colin Giblin

Director of eCommerce, Turtle Fur

One second bio:
At home in the mountains or by the sea, I aim to build brands that support that lifestyle for myself and others.

Sophie Goodman

Editor, OutThere Colorado

One second bio:
Passionate about inspiring people through multimedia storytelling to engage in outdoor experiences, environmental issues, and outdoors community beyond their devices.

Andrew Grant

Attorney, Perkins Coie LLP

One second bio:
I am dedicated to my family, supporting the outdoor industry by serving businesses that are innovative, sustainable and love the outdoors, and serving kids through educational, outdoor and emotional support opportunities.

Crystal Haselton

Key Account Sales Manager, Black Diamond

One second bio:
I strive to be an engaged member of society by maintaining focus and drive in my career, while sustaining positive relationships and forward progress in my personal endeavors.

Laura Hazlett

Director of Marketing, Ascent360

One second bio:
Driven individual with a passion for the outdoor industry who wants to leverage my strengths and experiences to make an impact, in both my career and the industry as a whole.

Adam Higinbothom

Sales Floor Manager, Pack Rat Outdoor Center

One second bio:
I like to improve the outdoor pursuits of others.

Erin Hoffarth

Marketing Manager, Mountain Khakis

One second bio:
Passionate friend, wife, sister, daughter, mother, employee who aspires to leave the world better than I found it. *Be young, be foolish, but be happy!

Kristy Holland

Technical Designer & Developer, Youngone USA/Outdoor Research

One second bio:
Lifelong learner interested in solving problems and understanding how and why systems work–and then pushing to change them.

Brianna Kilcullen

Social Responsibility & Traceability Manager, prAna

One second bio:
Passionate about addressing the current social and environmental issues of today through the business platform.

Laura Kinman

Product Director W’s Sportswear and Surf, Patagonia

One second bio:
I’m a mom to 2 boys, a slightly obsessed surfer, a wife, and spend the rest of my time immersed with design, production, and sales building the best product we can while causing the least amount of harm.

Samantha Kuchmak

Social Compliance Manager, Mountain Equipment Coop

One second bio:
A cheerleader of life with the occasional sassiness.

Jeff LaBonte

Marketing Coordinator, JanSport

One second bio:
Believer in everything outdoors, meaningful relationships and doing more good.

Brandon Lee

Retail Training and Engagement Manager, Smartwool

One second bio:
Just a guy whose been at this outdoor thing for decades and is passionate about sharing those experiences with others…be it personally or through my career.

Morgan Makowski

Marketing Director, HydraPak

One second bio:
I’m purpose driven, hyper curious, very strategic, and can move boulders.

Vince Mazzuca

Senior Marketing Manager, Osprey Packs

One second bio:
Driven to make an impact – for the brand I work for, the people I work with and the industry I work within.

Kelsey McGrew

Senior Account Manager and Senior Designer and (Sustainability Program Developer), Cirque Mountain Apparel

One second bio:
Finds joy and fulfillment in connecting with self, friends and nature mindfully and playfully.

Jason Miller

Sales Director, Kammok

One second bio:
In passionate pursuit of the adventure of life while striving to bring others (especially the marginalized) along for the journey!

Johnny Mojica

Research Lead, Earth Economics

One second bio:
Fun and loving person with a passion for making people smile.

Douglas Niemela

Executive Director, Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness

One second bio:
With the mindset of a curious explorer I strive to find ways to build bridges that bring together diverse groups of people to better our whole community and create social change.

Tyler Noonan

Sales Representative, MtnStuff

One second bio:
Passionate about the future of our industry: protecting public lands, advocating for new brick and mortar retail strategies, and rebranding outdoor pursuits to a new generation of participants.

Joleen Ong

Corporate Responsibility Program Manager, Licensing, Columbia Sportswear

One second bio:
Global citizen fighting the good fights and curious student of nature’s compelling lessons.

Colin Quinn

Product Design Engineer, Licensing, Industrial Revolution

One second bio:
User-focused design engineer who wants to put things out into the world that are responsible, helpful, novel, and joyful.

Jesse Robbins

Sage Community Manager, Sage Fly Fishing

One second bio:
I’m passionate about the experiences had in the outdoors, especially on the water!

Sablle Scheppmann

Regional Sales Manager West, NATHAN

One second bio:
Always striving to make an impact on current and future generations and am curious about people, adventure and the outdoors.

Thom Schroeder

Manager, Photography, REI

One second bio:
Simplify and amplify.

Jeff Sermak

North America Sales Manager, Eagle Creek

One second bio:
A creative, outgoing, passionate outdoorsman looking to leave a positive impact on the planet, people and the outdoor industry. #PositiveVibeClub

MJ Smoot

Marketing & Event Specialist, Nite Ize

One second bio:
A hard working optimist that does not take anything for granted and that enjoys risky adventures and new experiences.

Jayleen Troutwin

Dealer Service Representative, SCARPA North America

One second bio:
Extremely driven and determined individual, with a strong love of nature and the outdoors.

Dan Walker

Senior Executive Coordinator, Arcteryx

One second bio:
Originally from the UK, I recently moved to Vancouver and have found my home in BC’s Coast Mountains. In life, I’m driven by a desire to learn and better myself and the way things are done.

Taylor Zanelotti

Outdoor Sales Manager, Under Armour

One second bio:
Relationship-driven. Looking to grow outside of the day-to-day and broaden horizons.