Changing Outdoor Behaviors Bring New Opportunities

May 12, 2015

Technology has long been viewed as an impetus for escape in the outdoors. But in today’s digital culture, the relationship between technology and outdoor has greatly evolved for the vast majority of participants.

Not only is technology no longer the enemy of outdoor, it is in fact just the opposite for many consumers who are using it to enhance their outdoor experiences. Technology is commonly being used today to elevate outdoor activities by providing an added layer of entertainment, motivation or security to the experience.

Whether you view technology as a friend or foe of outdoor, the increasingly integral role it is playing in outdoor experiences cannot be denied and should not be ignored. The growing world of technology in outdoor presents great opportunities for the outdoor industry to attract a new market of consumers who, while their behaviors may not align with traditional views, want to enjoy and participant in the same outdoors we all know and love.

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