The Urban Athlete Segment Report

December 31, 2015

Meet Matt: Just back from the CrossFit gym, Matt tosses his workout clothes in the wash after transferring his toddler’s laundry to the dryer. Today, Saturday, is Matt’s son’s second birthday, so he cut his workout in half in order to help his wife set up for the party. No worries, though. A lifelong athlete who loves camaraderie as much as competition, Matt takes one day off every week for recovery. His next local triathlon is in a few weeks, and he’s training for his first full Ironman in four months. Matt is an Urban Athlete. Before he left the gym, Matt checked his workout statistics: 2 hours in the pool, 5.5 hours at CrossFit, 1.75 hours running and 2 hours on his road bike. About eleven hours total isn’t half bad, he thinks, but he’ll need to slowly increase the length of his swimming, biking and running sessions as he gets closer to the Ironman competition.

Get all the stats on urban athletes like Matt in this deep dive report into The Urban Athlete segment’s unique outdoor participation, shopping and technology behaviors.

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