The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has a goal of
advancing policy that supports the outdoor industry at
the local, state, and federal level. This work historically
has been focused in Washington, D.C., by individual
brand leaders and through coalition work with aligned
partners. Over the last several years, the OIA has seen
significant momentum from the outdoor industry
organizing at the state and regional level around shared
goals to protect where we recreate. To date, the OIA has
been serving as a hub for resources, and an advisor to
groups across active states.

Building off the momentum the OIA and aligned partners
have created, Spruce Lab will support in the development
of a consistent and adaptable business relationships
framework – supporting the growth of this collective
impact and fostering empowerment.

Together with the OIA, Spruce Lab will support creating
resources that detail best practices and lessons learned
for forming state-based outdoor business organizations.
Spruce Lab also has the opportunity to consolidate
and develop a suite of recommendations for the OIA to
engage with these alliances.

Spruce Lab’s ultimate goal is to support the OIA in
increasing policy efforts; shaping the future of how the
OIA engages in state and local advocacy work.

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