Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge 2017 Impact Report

December 18, 2017

The Purpose and Mission

Outdoor Nation is a first-of-its-kind, nationwide initiative created by the Outdoor Foundation to engage and activate young adults in the outdoors. Built on the belief that lasting cultural change must be led by those most affected by the outcome, Outdoor Nation empowers campus communities to mobilize and motivate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Vision

College campuses have long been places that spark change. Outdoor Nation is committed to influencing college students and helping them to establish an active outdoor lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

By 2020, Outdoor Nation aims to annually engage 100+ campuses and 40,000 college students and young outdoor community leaders.

Outdoor Nation believes an active outdoor lifestyle is an antidote to our nation’s inactivity crisis and waning support for public lands. Building a peer-led movement can drive a deep impact in behavior and cultural change.


Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge leverages the assets and natural infrastructure of college campuses, as well as students’ passion and energy, to promote and encourage outdoor activity.

After the Campus Challenge catalyzes campus outdoor communities, Outdoor Nation will continue to partner with schools year-round through other outdoor adventure campaigns. These campaigns will be designed to deepen Outdoor Nation’s impact, strengthen schools’ outdoor programs, and ultimately build a network of collegiate outdoor enthusiasts.

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