Outdoor Nation 2017 & 2018

December 18, 2017


Engage, empower and activate young leaders to spearhead a nationwide movement on campuses and in communities that results in a new generation of active, outdoor enthusiasts and stewards.


By 2020 Outdoor Nation will engage 40,000 students in a combined effort to build a stronger Outdoor Nation – transforming advanced outdoor enthusiasts to peer organizers and beginners to confident enthusiasts.


Leverage the assets and infrastructure of a college campus with the ideas, energy and ingenuity of college students to engage and activate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Anchored by the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge on campuses in the fall of 2017, Outdoor Nation will serve campuses with year round outdoor adventures. These campaigns will deepen Outdoor Nation’s impact on campus while strengthening the schools’ outdoor program reach, profile, and engagement—ultimately, building a network of collegiate outdoor enthusiasts.

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