Made in America: The consumer point of view and what it means for outdoor – Social media listening analysis

June 2, 2015

American-made products are by no means new to the outdoor industry. In fact, member brands like United By Blue, New Balance, Sterling Rope, Farm to Feet, Red Wing, Pendleton, and others have been producing in the U.S. for many years. Made in America embodies the heritage, culture and entrepreneurial spirit of the outdoor industry, with many companies whose humble beginnings started in garages, living rooms and on kitchen tables across America.

Today, the outdoor industry conversation around Made in America is often focused on key business challenges such as sourcing, labeling and cost. However, there is another conversation out there of importance to the industry – what consumers think about the concept of Made in America and the products created through this business approach.

In this report, we explore the nature of the consumer conversation online about Made in America, as well as include insights from Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) ConsumerVue segmentation study conducted in 2014. Both shed some interesting light on what Made in America meansto consumers and how businesses can develop relevant product and marketing strategies to effectively position their Made in America products to consumers.

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