GSP Footwear

February 17, 2016

OIA has launched a new trade initiative to help outdoor companies lower costs on footwear sourced from countries participating in the Generalized System of Preferences, a program that provides duty free access to the US market for products from over 100 developing countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. We need your help to make this a success.

Last year, OIA led an initiative to lower the import tariff on certain types of performance footwear by 17.5%. Building on this effort, OIA is now looking at developing legislation that would eliminate tariffs on outdoor footwear products if they hare sourced from GSP eligible countries.

Members should review the attached background papers and indicate – by HTS code – which footwear products they would like to see included in this initiative. OIA and its trade counsel – Sorini, Samet and Associates – will then develop legislation that would make these limited, non-import sensitive products eligible to file petitions to be included in the GSP program. If the legislation passes and those petitions are successful, certain footwear products from GSP countries would enter the US duty-free.

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