The Economic Contributions of Outdoor Recreation – Technical Report

April 26, 2018

In 2016, the Outdoor Industry Association conducted a comprehensive examination of the economic contributions of the major forms of outdoor recreation. The Outdoor Recreation Economy Report summarizes the annual spending by Americans in pursuit of outdoor recreation across ten recreation categories. It documents direct jobs supported by the overall spending as well as federal and state/local taxes generated at the national, state and congressional district levels.

This study is an update and an expansion of two earlier studies published by the Outdoor Industry Association in 2006 and 2012. Each iteration has incorporated changes to improve our understanding of Americans’ participation in outdoor recreation and how it impacts the overall economy. This third iteration expands the number of outdoor activities and includes the spending by those who partake in organized recreational events, such as poker runs, road races, etc. Also, the number of surveys were increased to improve statistical reliability of results.

This report is intended to serve as a documentation of the analysis required for OIA’s Outdoor Recreation Economy report (Outdoor Industry Association, 2017). It is organized into three main sections:

1. Scope of Study: Provides the objectives, target population, and the activities that are defined as “outdoor recreation” for the study.

2. Methods: Defines the framework of the analytical structure of the study and provides the logic for the design of the research study in order to meet the objectives. This will help readers gain a better understanding of the overall analysis of the report.

3. Procedures: Illustrates the detailed steps performed in the analysis.

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