Environmental LifeCycle Assessment INSQIN®

A study comparing ecological performance of waterborne and solventborne PU synthetic coated material from raw materials to coated fabric production. Background to this study – we wished to understand better the environmental impact of INSQIN® from Life Cycle point of view. INSQIN® waterborne PU chemicals are supplied and can be processed without organic solvents, and thus enable the elimination of dimethylformamide (DMF) from the manufacturing process of many kinds of PU- coated fabrics The use of such waterborne technology enables:
  • Elimination of risk of workplace exposure to DMF as organic solvent
  • Elimination of pollution risk to air, water, solid waste
  • Resource Efficiency – Processed with 95% less water and 50% less energy*
…but how is the comparison of the two technologies if one applies Life Cycle thinking?
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