More than half of the U.S. population, 160.7 million Americans, participate in outdoor recreation activities including skiing, mountain biking, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing, trail running, and walking outdoors. We surveyed more than 4,000 winter outdoor enthusiasts in late November to learn:
  • What activities they plan to participate in during the winter months
  • When they plan to participate
  • How far they plan to travel to participate
  • What mode of travel they plan to use to get there
  • What they plan to shop for during the holiday season
  • Where they plan to shop
  • Who they plan to shop for this holiday season
  • How do they describe themselves
This report summarizes what we learned about their plans, what we learned about their self-perceptions, what happened on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and what we can expect from skiers, runners, cyclists, snowshoers, and all outdoor enthusiasts this winter.