What is ConsumerVue?

Outdoor consumers are changing how they shop, how they interact with brands, and how they engage with the outdoors. In 2014, OIA conducted an in-depth segmentation study to better understand outdoor consumers, and to help its members identify customers with the highest ROI potential.

OIA ConsumerVue is an interactive tool developed to translate the segmentation findings for our members, and help them utilize the research and data to guide product development and assortment strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and go-to-market plans. How to best implement the findings will vary from company to company.

ConsumerVue is a member-only benefit. If you are a member, log in to view the ConsumerVue site. If you are not a member, join OIA today to access invaluable insights.

ConsumerVue Executive Summary
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Over the next several years, OIA will be releasing the outdoor consumer segmentation findings with a series of products, all through ConsumerVue, that will build upon each other to help you better understand the segments of outdoor consumers, which ones are most relevant to your business, product, and marketing initiatives and how to activate those consumer insights in your business strategies.

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