Public Lands Day

September 28, 2019

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) works on many initiatives to enhance the outdoor industry and outdoor recreation-one of the those initiations is the protection of public lands. We work at the state and local levels as well as federally to affect policy to support our public lands through land protection and funding.

OIA has enlisted the help of 4 key partners in our ongoing efforts around the preservation and protection of public lands. Leading up to, and on Public Lands Day (September 28th) any purchases made during this promotion, our partners will donate a portion of their proceeds to OIA. Visit our partners to support Public Lands.

What Are Public Lands?

This in-depth, year-long series will unravel the complex network of people, places, events, interests and funding mechanisms that make outdoor recreation possible for all Americans.


The outdoor industry’s collective voice has power in Washington. Timely engagement on issues critical to the health of the outdoor industry, including public lands policy, is not just the right thing to do – it’s a must-do.

Our Recent Public Lands Work, News and Stories